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How to use your Jamboard

Attaching Pedals

The standard way to attach effects pedals to the pedalboard is with hook and loop tape (Velcro) or a more heavy duty product like 3M Dual Lock

Simply place the hook or the loop side in strips across the pedalboard. Then attach the other side to the bottom of the pedal.


Wiring and Power Supply Mount

Many guitarists want their pedalboard to be "plug and play". The Jamboard Pro Series comes standard with everything needed for a plug and play board. 

With the pedals attached, connect the input to your first pedal in the chain to one of the cable jacks. Then connect the output of the last pedal in the chain to another cable jack. The above picture shows a more complex setup utilizing the amps effects loop system. Pedalboard cable kits are available at major retailers for a more clean setup(red cables pictured above)

Power Switch

Each Pro Series pedalboard comes standard with an IEC illuminated power switch. Again this is essential for a plug and play setup. Your power supply will come with it's own power cable so you can plug directly into the cable we have wired to the back of the switch. We include a 10 foot power cable with the Pro Series.

Cable Jacks

A simple double sided jack that accepts mono and stereo guitar cables. This is used for the plug and play setup. 2 are included with the Pro Series pedalboard.

Power Supply Mount

If you purchased a Pro Series or Evolution Series you will have a Jamboard Power Supply Mount pre installed. This simple device securely holds your power supply to the underside of the board without the need of tools or drilling.